My clients often ask me this question whether they should use WordPress to build their website, and it is user-friendly. There are many options for website building platforms, and WordPress is a powerful website builder, and the good news is that you don’t need to learn web design or coding to create the website of your dreams.
So, how do you make a WordPress site stand out without being a developer? With paid subscription tools such as Envato Elements, you can download all the tools and resources you need without restrictions. It contains easy to install and use themes, plug-ins, graphics, photos, backgrounds, fonts, etc., and it’s easier to tell your story. You have unlimited access to more than 251.0289 billion US dollars of assets, and the assets are still adding new elements every day to help you stay inspired and trendy.

Whether you are a freelance designer, website developer, entrepreneur or small business, using Envato Elements can help you start your online promotion business.
These are my seven favorite reasons to use Envato Elements on a WordPress site (and all other graphic projects):
1. Theme and template kit
When you subscribe, you can download unlimited, responsive, professionally designed WordPress themes or multifunctional template kits. Envato provides ready-made themes for various industries, these themes are built specifically for WordPress, so it’s hard work. These themes are designed to meet a wide range of business needs ranging from corporate to creative, professional services, spa or real estate and financial companies. Or extend an existing website and add a new design and layout to the current Elementor WordPress theme, and provide your customers with a better user experience.

2. Royalty-free, high-quality photos
A good image can help you quickly convey information and attract website visitors. People browsing the Internet have a short attention span, and you only have a short time to attract their interest. You will get a huge library of high-quality images that can be used to attract visitors and encourage them to read blogs, click on your website and increase the value of your content. More than one million photos are constantly adding new images. It’s easy. The license is used with every project you create. You only need to download the image of each item.
3. Plug-in set
Plugins can extend the functionality of your website and the customization of the website you are working on. Envato Elements provides a flexible way to add required functions through advanced plug-ins. Whether it’s creating contact information, selecting pages and pop-up windows to help visitors increase conversion, or adding social media feeds to your homepage, you will be inspired by more than 20,000 curated options, giving you unlimited possibilities. Maybe you want to increase the engagement of your website, then the easy-to-install WordPress Rating Plugin can help you collect ratings in like and opinion formats. The plug-in allows you to quickly and accurately collect information about the usefulness of articles or other purposes.
4. Film
The video usage on the website is a trend that continues to grow. Whether it is used for explanatory videos, advertisements or radio shows, having the right video can help you showcase your company and brand while making it more attractive to show you products and services. Playing videos on your website can improve search engine rankings in many ways. They increase click-through rates, are more likely to appear in Google’s featured meta descriptions, and people are more likely to share videos. Video can build trust faster than any other media. It helps to convert visitors into customers.
With Envato, you can access their collection of more than 800,000 stock videos, or use more than 20,000 editable video templates for customization, so you can easily create your own custom videos. When you are ready to highlight events, try using 4K movie trailer titles and compatible with applications such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion, or Final Cut Pro. Easily find materials that suit your project needs, saving you time and energy.

5. Royalty-free music
Thousands of advanced, royalty-free audio tracks to choose from, it easily enhances your video projects. You can choose from tracks with lead vocals, background vocals, and instruments. If you are looking for slow or fast dance music, you can search for their wide array. Sound effects are an integral part of any audiovisual project that creates dynamic scenes. You can also choose a variety of unique sound effects for your application through broadcast quality.
6. Font
When you need the right fonts that can tell a story and attract the attention of visitors, Envato Font Collection provides more than 8,000 fonts with OTF, WOFF and TTf commercial license rights. No matter what your specific project needs are, serifs, sans serifs and decorative fonts are suitable for everyone. Simple installation can meet the needs of any project with exquisite handwriting, stylish process style or retro style. Some fonts are complementary, so they can match perfectly. For example, the Jonas Beckman font has two elegant variations, or an interesting and interesting style like Agent Frank. Many tools come with special ligatures, multi-language support, and can also be used in your printing application.

7. CMS
Responsive multi-page templates, designed for product sliders, Google map integration, slideshows and contact us page options. This is a convenient tool that can be used to connect your website with customers and use templates that can be used for business transactions to increase sales. CMS templates include Shopify, Muse, OpenCart, Joomla, etc. You can use Shoppee-a stylish e-commerce Adobe Muse template with Gumroad integration, which provides simple parallax effects, contact and subscription forms, and easy-to-customize tablet and mobile versions of pages.
After subscribing, you will get unlimited subscriptions, as long as your subscription is active, you can download any item on Envato Elements and license the item to your project and download it. Even if you choose to cancel your subscription, you can still use the downloads associated with their licensed items.
Use my affiliate link to view all the tools Envato Elements must provide. You can also browse their many other resources in Envato Tuts to improve your technical level, or you can create designs, videos and even models on PlaceIt; Envato Market has a collection of more than 3 million themed assets.
The subscription cost is very low and you can access millions of assets.

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