As we all know, there are many ways to make money through the Internet. The use of website construction is one of them. How to start online earning through the website? You need to take the following three steps: first you need a website; second you need to have your own domain name; and finally you need a high-quality web hosting service. Today, I would like to recommend a one-stop service that covers the above three points for you. Next, we will get to know him together and see if it meets your needs and positioning. is a well-known company in the market, established in 1998. Over the years, they have hosted more than 1.7 million websites and domains, thus establishing an impressive foundation. The most distinctive feature is:’s domain search module is very easy to use, which makes it easy to choose a domain. At the same time, it cannot be ignored that not only provides domain names, but also web hosting, email hosting, and SSL certificates. It even provides web design and online marketing services. And in these areas, is also doing very well.

Domain services: It is not difficult to see from the company’s name: domain-related products constitute the core part of’s services.
Domain name registrar: Because of its domain-related services, is considered a domain registrar. Other domain registrars you may have heard of include Google Domains and GoDaddy.
Top-level domain:If you are just getting started, then you are likely to buy a top-level domain name (from now on, we will call it a domain name for short). It looks like (compared to or, neither of which is a top-level domain). We should note that many hosting packages are offered in the purchase of a free domain name, so please make sure you did not buy one yourself before.
Domain name renewal, transfer and other services: In addition to providing domain name registration, can also help you: Domain name renewal, you need to perform this operation to prevent your registered domain name from expiring
Domain transfer, which allows you to move the domain from your existing registrar to
Transfer lock to prevent unauthorized transfer of domain URL and email forwarding by others, so that you can change the domain name, and those who know you under the old domain name can still access it. DNS record management, which is the process of ensuring that the domain routes users correctly-in most cases, this is handled by the domain registrar or hosting services like Cloudflare DNS. In short, there is a user-friendly domain name that needs to resolve to a unique IP address assigned to your website.
Choose from a variety of domain extensions: Although provides traditional domain extensions such as .com and .net, it also provides less commonly used extensions such as .caor and .asia.
If you are looking for a unique domain name, or you have already established the desired domain with a more common extension, you can consider one of the following alternative methods.
Visit money-back guarantee
Virtual hosting: provides three types of hosting: shared hosting; a shared hosting designed for WordPress users; VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting
Shared hosting: provides three different shared hosting plans for you to choose from.
All shared hosting plans provide:
Unlimited disk space
Scalable bandwidth
Unlimited number of subdomains
Field related services
Marketing bonuses and points
Visit’s drag-and-drop website builder
Let’s encrypt SSL
1 GB of free cloud storage
Choose from 3 shared hosting plans
The basic package lets you host one domain, five-point FTP login, 100 email inboxes, and 10 MySQL databases, and is priced at $3.75/month.
This luxurious package allows you to host an unlimited number of domains, 25-point FTP login, 250 email inboxes, and 25 MySQL databases. The price of the deluxe package is $6.75 per month.
The super package allows your resources plus premium support for unlimited allocation of the price of $13.75/month. no longer requires you to pay for one, two or three years of hosting services in advance when purchasing a shared plan. Regardless of the length of your contract, you will get the same price for all contract terms at a fixed monthly price-a trick.
Linux or Windows?
You can choose between Linux or Windows hosting. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry. Most people only need Linux.
It is the most popular and cheapest option. It is suitable for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and dozens of other popular CMS (content management systems).
For web developers who have web applications built with Windows-based tools or frameworks (such as ASP.NET or MS SQL), choosing Linux vs. Windows is very important. They will use Windows.
WordPress hosting: WordPress bloggers can choose a variation of’s shared hosting package.
You can choose between two plans: WP Starter and WP Essential.
Features of the two options: Both options come with:
Unlimited disk storage space (can store all your posts, images and other files)
Unlimited bandwidth (can handle all traffic)
Customized control panel to manage your hosting environment
Some pre-installed themes and plugins, such as WP Cache (which can speed up website access) and Jetpack. Both programs use the following acceleration technologies:
SSD (Solid State Drive) provides excellent speed
CDN (Content Delivery Network), which can improve site loading speed.’s featured products and services

1. Hosting Infrastructure
What is commendable is’s focus on infrastructure and its relationship with website loading speed (or speed).
The company pointed out that infrastructure is “one thing that determines the safety, reliability, and speed of website functionality” and should be the first thing anyone should look at before logging in with the host.
When you look at the structure of the website and how to waste time understanding the intricate technical specifications, this is undoubtedly an area where the company really plays a role, which is not surprising.
2. Professional web design
If you are not a programmer or designer, but want to buy all web-related services from a company is convenient, you may want to use’s professional design services. The design team will create a custom-designed website for you and some marketing tools to help keep your website running smoothly and optimize them long after they are finished.
3. Digital marketing services
Just building a website is not enough, you must market your website to attract traffic. offers an interesting set of optional marketing services, including:
SEO services, including monthly SEO activities and “local SEO”
Regular content creation considering SEO
4. Consult a marketing expert every month
You can teach yourself how to do these things, but if you don’t want to do this, this is a good choice: especially local SEO. Many small businesses, including personal training or plumbing services, are not aware of the necessity of local SEO.
Who should use hosting?
At first glance, seems to be no different from any other traditional web hosting company. There are shared and VPS hosting plans to choose from, and it covers most of the small and medium businesses needed when building a website. In terms of infrastructure reliability and security, absolutely has it.
However, there are not many ways in which uptime guarantees, data backups, SSL certificates and other traditional features and guarantees that customers get from hosting companies. Pricing may be on the cheaper side, but even this may not be lured enough by personal blogs or small businesses.
5. Website building tools
All web hosting accounts can access the free sitebuilder. You can choose from hundreds of pre-designed websites.
The design is a bit mixed: some are professional, some look a little dated. If you want to make it simple, the template might suit your needs. Otherwise, you may want to do web design elsewhere.
6. Email does not provide internal e-mail services, but if you want to receive e-mail at an address that uses your custom domain, you can choose Gmail for Work package integration.
Setting up Gmail for Work is not a difficult task, but it is still a task. If this is not of interest to you, there are other hosting services besides bundling the email service with its web hosting plan. offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all its hosting plans
7.SSL certificate
In order to protect your website and prove to visitors that your website and business are legal entities, you may need a private SSL certificate. sells many different types of certificates, which you can buy as well as domain names and web hosting. works with Comodo to provide an SSL certificate, then you can install the SSL certificate and check to make sure it can be used with your website.
Q: How can I renew my domain name?
A: It’s very simple. In order to renew, you only need to log in to your account. Choose an option called “DomainCentral” and choose the domain you want to renew.
Q: What restrictions do I have on the reseller program?
A: Like other hosts, also has a set of standard terms and conditions applicable to resellers. Some restrictions may be related to your business needs, so we strongly recommend that you read the small print.
Q: Which payment method is acceptable and will I receive a renewal notice?
A: Before each renewal, you will receive a 30-day reminder, so you will not fall into the predicament of automatic renewal. They accept payment by credit. It is also easy to cancel the account by contacting the support team directly.