2021 Review: Is GetCerebral telemedicine reliable for treating anxiety and depression?

Write in Front

2020 has passed. Although the epidemic is still raging on the land of the United States. But I believe that a healthy life will follow. Friends around me often talk to me, saying that they always feel anxious and even depressed in their lives. Such a return will often make it difficult for the brain to relax, and then insomnia will occur, affecting family relationships. In fact, as a network worker, I will encounter such a situation. Therefore, I intend to share my treatment experience with everyone. And in the future, I will open a special column to talk about some ways to deal with the health of the body outside work. This is just to hope that my clients will not only be able to work more easily, but also their lives will be more and more happier.

My Symptoms
As a network worker, I may be much luckier than some people who have received trauma from a small heart. But I think the most fundamental symptoms are roughly the same. I have been moderately depressed for almost two years. The reason for this symptom is because of the high work pressure at the beginning of work. And it was disapproved by the family. Depression causes insomnia. The surrounding relationship is also a mess. I also tried to see a psychologist. But I encountered a ridiculous situation where my doctor did not even know my name after I had been treated for many times. This makes me very frustrated. At this time, I stumbled across getcerebral.com on the Internet. After getting to know it many times, I chose to give myself another chance of treatment. Next, I will simulate the process of accepting him. I hope you can also see if it suits you. I hope you can find a life that truly cares about yourself on getcerebral.com.

What is getcerebral.com
getcerebral.com is a mental startup company that specializes in treating anxiety, depression and insomnia. getcerebral.com provides the following services: prescribing drugs, providing online access, nursing consultations, and drug prescriptions. This means that with the increasing popularity of the Internet, you can find your own psychiatrist on the Internet. It is worth mentioning that this will be your exclusive doctor. He will pay attention to you in every possible way. Until accompany you to defeat the depressive nightmare.
The way getcerebral.com works is through a subscription model. You only need to pay a fixed monthly fee for continuous care. At the beginning you only need to register and enter some of your life situation. For example, is it easy to get angry every day, often feel depressed, and so on. You just need to complete the form according to the facts. Then getcerebral.com is to communicate with you online or via video. At this time you choose to continue, pay the lowest price, and you will receive the prescription and soon you will receive the medicine. The figure below is the whole process.

How getcerebral.com works

Sometimes music and beautiful scenery can also soothe the mind. This is a video I like very much, and I will share it with everyone. At the same time, I hope you can share good videos with me. Let us defeat depression together.

Medication + Basic Care Plan
The cost of the drug plus basic care plan is $45 for your first month and $99 per month thereafter. The plan includes spending time with a service provider (who will develop a treatment plan for you) and a nursing consultant (who will guide you throughout your journey). Your prescribing doctor will help you start treatment and can conduct follow-up follow-ups to ensure you are on the right track, but your care consultant will be the person you meet frequently and will be your main client. The point of contact throughout the treatment process.
How can brain care consultants help?
A brain care consultant will work with you through unlimited monthly text and video access, with a focus on cognitive behavioral therapy. The meeting with a nursing consultant is very helpful to help you teach new skills such as meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises and basic exercises, because research shows that combining these techniques with medication is the most effective way to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia . If you need prescription drugs, the cost is included in your monthly plan, and it will be delivered directly to your door.
This is the most popular plan because it provides an affordable, easy-to-manage way to get the medications and support you need without having to jump hoops or attend multiple doctor’s office visits and travel to pharmacies. This is particularly good because you have excellent brain care consultants who provide excellent mental health support.
The following is a list of states where the brain can provide prescription drugs:
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
new York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota
Washington state
Washington DC
the state of Wisconsin
Brain services are not applicable to the following situations:
Suicidal ideation
Substance abuse problem
Pregnant or breastfeeding
Drug treatment plan
Their medication plus treatment plan costs $339 per month. With this plan, you will get all the content included in the medicine + basic care plan, and you will choose from a growing list of licensed therapists, becoming your main point of contact for meeting with them via video chat every week . . If for some reason, you are not consistent with the selection, you can choose to switch. Your licensed therapist will replace the nursing consultant, so your provider will contact you directly to understand your medication and treatment plan. They will work with your prescription provider.
Treatment plan
The price of the brain treatment plan is $259 per month. Through this program, you can have weekly meetings with a licensed therapist without having to meet with the person who prescribes or get medication services. This plan is suitable for patients who need treatment courses but do not need medication as part of the treatment plan.
Complete combination: treatment plan and medication + treatment plan
The program is currently only available in the following states: California, Florida, Georgia, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. However, they are constantly expanding, so if your state is not currently on the list, it is very likely in the near future!
Anxiety and depression medication from the brain (boxed)
The brain drugs are neatly packed in branded boxes with useful emotional health information.
What types of prescription drugs will the brain provide?
Mental health is a serious problem, and getcerebral.com takes a professional approach in prescriptions and medications. Let’s take a look at the drugs they provide online so you can determine whether it can help you relieve anxiety and depression.
If your provider decides that you need prescription drugs to treat anxiety or insomnia, they will usually prescribe SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) or SNRI (Serotonin and Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor) . Whether you decide to seek treatment in person or through remote psychiatric treatment, these are the typical treatment options you will get.
Are the anti-anxiety drugs prescribed by the brain platform really effective?
Since all mental health drugs developed by Cerebral have been approved by the FDA, the drugs Cerebral may provide you are all legal depression drugs. The drugs they may prescribe (SSRI and SNRI drugs) have been proven and proven to help people in many clinical trials and studies. That is to say, if you decide to go with Cerebral, then you should be confident in your decision.
Brain drugs
How do you start treatment and medication
Encephalopathy usually starts with uncontrolled treatment options. Then, if this is not enough to meet your needs, they will consider adding other drugs. If a controlled substance is needed, they may refer you to an on-site provider who will be able to help you. Since telemedicine is still in its infancy, there are some restrictions on the content of online prescriptions.
All the drugs you prescribe are generic versions, which are more cost-effective than brand-name drugs, which allows Cerebral to keep monthly costs low.
Get brain evaluation: users share their treatment experience
According to Trustpilot’s research, there are 284 comments about the brain, with an average score of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Most of the “Get Brain” reviews spoke highly of their anxiety, depression and insomnia services. It is important to know that when the company was first established, there were some flaws in the system. However, after experiencing constant pain, I collected the following:
Most commenters share this
Many current brain users like that they can obtain online treatment from legal, highly skilled and professional doctors in the field of anxiety and depression. The brain provides an opportunity for millions of people with mental health problems to share what they are experiencing. Co-founders Kyle Robertson and Dr. Huo An’s anxiety and depression surgery now works like an oiled machine. .